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Dintello Consulting Services is a new company entering the Digital Technology market to fill the gap of responsible and specialized IT solutions and services in organizations with increased service needs.

Our experience in project implementation and business analysis is your assurance of solving any difficult problem in the field of investment banking, organization processes and specialized IT & Operations through our outsourcing services team.

Collaborations with established companies, recognized internationally, by both Gartner & Forrester together with our experts, are Dintello’s best guarantees for successful completion of IT projects.

Digital Transformation projects can, achieve economies of scale and help your organization be ready for the globalized digital era.

In the Investment, Private Banking and Asset Management space, our experts can help you with the introduction and automation (front & back-office) of new software products and services. Customized application and of the shelf readymade packages can be implemented.

Knowledge of the market and specialized needs of organizations, enable Dintello to approach market executives in order to fulfill needs for engagements of the appropriate resources as needed.

APRIL 2023


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