Dintello offers services in the following areas:

Custom & Ready made Applications
Operations and IT Consulting


Dintello Consulting Services

Custom & Ready made Applications

Create applications for enterprises, custom made to meet specific requirements. Smarter design leads to faster prototyping and iterations. Agile development in collaboration with design team provide feedback on UX deliverables and identify development limitations and areas of complexity. Detailed technical design and unit, integration and service tests guarantee a successful result.

Alternatively ready made applications from selected partners, are provided in both License based or SaaS contracts.

In both cases detailed technical design and unit, integration and service tests guarantee a successful result.

Operations and IT Consulting

Reinvent operations and uncover a new competitive edge. We help you transform Company operations by taking a holistic view that connects operations to strategy, transcends siloes, and focuses on the opportunities that will create the greatest value. From the back office to front office and across your process chain, Octahedron can help you develop an unconstrained, end-to-end plan to achieve your full vision.

Realize savings across all spend categories by building a world-class procurement organization. Octahedron proprietary spending and saving benchmarks, robust analytics and other tools can help you buy better and spend better. Innovate rapidly and invest wisely.

Embrace digital IT technologies and provide your team with the training, tools, systems and guidance they need to sustain these savings over the long term to help you reap the benefits of faster processes with lower cost and higher quality using Lean Six Sigma.

Deliver superior customer service through innovative service design that supports customer acquisition and retention while enhancing productivity, cost management and profitability.

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